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Send Texts, Pictures, Videos, Emails, and More Within the Most Private and Secure Environment!

Permanently Delete Messages From All Mediums!

Retract and Delete Messages From Recipient's Phone and Device!

Message Lifespans: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days!

Self-Destructing Messages!

Sender Maintains Control Over All Messages!

Individual Or Group Messaging!

Securely Send Personal Information!

Fun, Simple and Easy to Use!


GiGi (Get It! Got It! Gone...) is a revolutionary privacy app that allows users to "securely" communicate, and share a variety of file types with other users via your smartphones and other devices, without worrying about your conversations being compromised, stolen, or simply viewed without your permission.

Once Messages Are Deleted, They Are Gone Forever!

Within the GiGi Privacy Environment (a portal that encompasses your iOS device, Android device, and/or Personal Computer) users can securely and privately communicate via :

SMS Text Messaging


Picture Picture

Video Video

Voice Voice Mail, and much more, via an intuitive interface that's fun and easy to use.

Privately Communicate Via Multiple Mediums – Fun And Easy to Use

Additionally, the "control" solely exists with the sender, as the recipient is unable to save or forward the sender's texts, emails, pictures, videos, voice mails, etc. Contrary to traditional mediums, the sender dictates the lifespan of all communications (seconds, minutes, hours, days), ensuring the sender's utmost privacy and control.

The G-Retract feature enables the sender to unilaterally "retract" and permanently delete the message from the recipients' phone. Thus, enabling full-control with the sender!

Self-Destructing Messages: 12 seconds / 24 seconds

The type of communication, and lifespan of its content, are introduced through GiGi's proprietary privacy environment, and then deleted forever -upon the user's command.

Once the user deletes the communication, all content is permanently deleted from ALL mediums (phone/desktop/server), rendering it irretrievable.

Within the GiGi Privacy Environment; registered users can securely and privately communicate via an intuitive interface that's fun and easy to use:

SMS Text MessagingSMS Text messaging
Voice mails
Microsoft Office documents (PDF files)
MP3 files
Quick time movie files
And much more

GIGI's privacy technology protects the privacy of every user!

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GiGi - Private & Secure Messaging For All!

Stay securely connected with GiGi from anywhere and instantly get the power to keep in touch via text, send pictures, video, and emails, all without worrying about your conversations being compromised, stolen, or simply viewed without your permission.

Stay in touch from anywhere from any mobile device or directly from the web.

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